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Everyone must be curious how's the dorm of our idol SUPER JUNIOR. Sportseoul had revealed it. Check it out :

"This really Long time no see." Super Junior members for their long-awaited interview with Sports Seoulhave joined together in a hostel. From left to Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, cool, Ryeowook, Yesung. Of nine members that are currently active in the recording of the broadcast day, withKyuhyun did not. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

K-pop craze is blowing all over the world. K pop you can not find anywhere else in the world of melodic songs with a unique and stylish performance in Asia and North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East is expanding from its prestige. K pop idol among many leading SM Entertainment, a leading maker of Super Junior. Debuted in 2005 eight years suddenly became easy to follow these all the songs and performances, with intimate images captured the hearts of fans the world. Recognition for such a sport in Seoul in January this year, organized by the 'High won the 21th Seoul Music Awards' was the target but also with honors.

Launched 22 June 27 to commemorate this anniversary, Seoul Sports' K-Pop star represent Super Junior visited the hostel. Most popular idol live What about living space. K, as well as fans of Super Junior fans around the world, anyone interested in pop, have no choice but to curiosity printer. Sports in Seoul recently to mystify fans of Super Junior hostel had a surprise visit.

Sang hogija sangho94@sportsseoul.com

Cooler (left) and can talk in a comfortable position Leeteuki. Cool pink pants is noticeable. Two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com phase reporter

23 living quarters, the four people now live

Building a residential complex of the wool, Gwangjin. From the accessible building entrance is not insignificant. Caretaker at the entrance of one hundred and twelve people access to check the vehicle. Visitors visit the lake and the purpose of telling the residents to go through OK to enter into the system. 'Well, it's going to strictly control the fans' feel that the time he missed projections look good. Super Junior in the 11th floor of the housing side walls 'strong security' through the ipseonghan fans was filled with graffiti. It 'so hard for my brother came to see through the gate' to leave the trail seemed hungry paensimyi stained intact.

Ryeowookie fan gift engraved with a picture of yourself holding the cushions are talking about living quarters. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

Super Junior finally came in a hostel! 4 room, living room, bathroom, etc. pyeongjjeum yirwojin hostel is about 65. Unobstructed views of the impressive living room with sofa located in the center was ivory. Here Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, cool, Ryeowook, Yesung, including eight members sat down together. Kyuhyun together but did not record the broadcast members, "How long has this moinge yinya all," he has been amazing. So a lot of individual activities in the hostel assembled all of the sky byeolttagi giran. Housing that is close to people's first impression of men to live in '10, living space, Super Junior chigoneun Also by celebrities I do not hunt 'was
"Do not wake with the FEET." Eunhyuk jamkkureogida (?) the members, the most. The time has neverhappened. Let's pretend that the two late Sungmin wake Eunhyuk up two feet, took the gesture. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

- How do you live? Room to write, how?

Ah, but here's another one on the upper floor accommodation. Divided into the following live upstairs. Downstairs, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Sungmin Leeteuk live up there, Ryeowook, Donghae and Heechul are served by public service personnel live. See Jamsil-dong and two bongain cool and I'm not a child prodigy of the living quarters. Member or members do not force living quarters. Saldeun house, hostel saldeun Keep dreaming of you (Leeteuk)

If the accommodation support Wen idol group in the Gangnam area are likely to be prejudice. In fact, a lot of Idol living in Seoul is also true. However, Super Junior at the same price you can get a larger acreage deda Gangnam and geographically closer to jeonghaetdago accommodation to installment, Gwangjin.

Super Junior's most often in the refrigerator? 'Squash fans immediately gave her medicine and food and otherrecreation, respectively. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

- Threatens the housing in Gangnam.

At first, the living quarters in an apartment near Cheongdam started. The most senior living quarters ohraehan Sea is the hometown of Mokpo. (Eunhyuk)

12-year maturity are life's small. Cheongdam S 2001, I started living quarters in an apartment. 32 pyeongjjeum dwaetneunde lived with 23 people. Before debut, TVXQ, Super Junior members of the manager and I've lived with brother. Lived there until 2006. 23 How many different lives, but the pattern was different, Salman. It was the summer highs. Only one in the living room because the air conditioning to each other to sleep in there ... hahaha. (East Sea).

'Slam Dunk' and members' comics stand. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

"To be a great guy! 'Men's magazines are neatly plugged. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.comreporter

- If so, this is the second live here.

Is not 2006 'U' accommodation, moved by the time a hit. To 50 Kangnam pyeongdae villa. The band has already largely succeeded and then went to a better housing .... Members, including manager-type of about 20 people lived together. (Sung)

Idol fans living accommodation is always're coming. This neighborhood is also the sanctification of the storm hit. Super Junior likewise. I moved to the residential complex building also became the biggest factor is security.

'Who Is Shoes?' Relatively neatly laid-out shoe rack. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

Fans of the cups presented by different designers. Super Junior to cheer geulgwimyeo (?) Carved figure. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

- The town long has he been here?

I live in 2009, came four years. At the time we lived in the Villa fans were uncomfortable neighbors too much distraction. Some neighbors tell their fans are sprayed and prayed. S impossible it was moved to this place I want. I was wondering that with good security. Four-year live nice. (Yesung)

Throughout the present accommodation is noticeable. Fans two devotedly And Fold the presented the of portraits and an origami crane, stars. Phase two weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

"Urineun Syupeo Juni-eo-yo ~!" Super Junior members are saying that the head matdaetda forever. Phasetwo weeks rainbow@sportsseoul.com reporter

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  1. Most powerful thing is unity. Super junior's strength is their unity and brotherhood. best of luck Super Junior.( with my love)